Changing the mountpoint on auth_on_register webhook for VerneMQ

It is possible to pass modifiers along with the “result”: “ok” return value of your webhook for VerneMQ.

The official documentation of VerneMQ gives some examples for the syntax.

changing the mountpoint

It is also possible to change the mountpoint, however the client_id apparently has to be passed in as well!

I have raised an issue with the VerneMQ developers about this. In the meantime, here’s the proper thing to return for changing the mountpoint and the client_id:

{“result”: “ok”, “modifiers”: {“mountpoint”: “mountpoint_new”, “client_id”: “vogelwild”}}

If you want to keep your client_id the same, simply pass in the same value which you received (possibly escaping it for the double quotation marks, because of the surrounding JSON).