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We are a Raspberry Pi approved reseller, and one of only two Pi Zero W distributors in Germany. With our strong technical background we are a solid choice as your partner for anything Raspberry Pi related in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Starting in 2020 we have also become one of Google's select worldwide partners for distribution of their Coral.AI lineup. We believe artificial intelligence / machine learning is the way forward in the future.

Get in touch with us today, to see how your business can benefit from single board computing and embedded machine learning - go beyond and way ahead of your competition.


the story behind pi3g

Back in 2012 the story of Maximilian and the Raspberry Pi started. He was excited when he got his first Pi and also saw the great potential for further development in it.
Then PiCockpit was born to make using and managing the Pi easier and more accessible for everyone.
Maximilian has always been interested in computers and believed that they are a lever to improve everything in the world - for example in medicine.
Over the years, Maximilian's work has grown and new fields of expertise have emerged...


In our blog you can expect blog posts about technology and business topics, of course about the Raspberry Pi, but also a wide variety of topics related to Industrie 4.0, IoT, and machine learning - for example about the popular MQTT protocol, Python and Linux embedded development, and much more. Blog entries are not scheduled and not in particular order - the topics are an eclectic mix of what comes up in real life of a company engaged in machine learning & Raspberry Pi embedded adventures.

We are happy to write about special topics that are not so well-documented elsewhere.
If you have any suggestions, we are happy to discuss current topics with you and are always ready to brainstorm workable solutions with you.

Please feel free to contact us 🙂

Zyxel NR7102 setup how to migrate Ethernet devices to the 192.168.1.x network + Internet access

By Maximilian Batz | 2023-11-15

Per default, the Zyxel NR7102 (a 5G router) has some atypical settings, which one would not expect. Here’s some notes on how to set the device up. I assume that you are using a PoE switch to power the Zyxel NR7102, and your computer is connected using Ethernet. The default admin password is on the…

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Debugging MQTT over websockets on Envoy 1.28.0

By Maximilian Batz | 2023-11-12

I have migrated our Envoy installation from Envoy 1.11.1 to 1.28.0, and am now also using SNI for selecting the correct certificate. A big part of that migration is upgrading the syntax of the configuration for Envoy from the v2 API to the v3 API. The upgrade went well, except for our websocket-based MQTT service…

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A PowerShell script to take a list of domains and output their A and AAAA records as CSV

By Maximilian Batz | 2023-11-10

This was the result of a colloboration between me (with programming skills, but not in PowerShell!) and ChatGPT. It blows my mind away, what can be done with ChatGPT – this is what work IS supposed to be! Quick, without researching every single line. Human and machine in perfect colloboration: be sure to adjust the…

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Tearing and artifacts in your moving images and videos? Use the global shutter camera!

By Maximilian Batz | 2023-10-30

Usually cameras work with so-called “rolling shutters” – this means that the pixels which the camera registers are not stored all at once, but in a sequence of lines. If the speed of a moving object is fast enough, this will be noticeable in a single frame or image which the camera captures. The Raspberry…

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