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Pi3g develops and markets hardware and software products. The products are mostly focused around the Raspberry Pi platform.

We appreciate your interest in our exclusive products. They are available through our own online store and many other resellers.
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Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller

We were the first reseller of Pi Zero W & Pi Zero on the European continent (excluding Great Britain & Ireland), and an approved reseller of Raspberry Pi since the very beginning.

Our main focus is - next to having an interesting line up of Raspberry Pi related accessories & being able to advise you on what you need for your project idea, deep technical knowledge of the Raspberry Pi platform.

As an example: We are using this knowledge to create - a platform intended to make Raspberry Pi usage easier.

CAN Bus products distribution

Being based in Germany, with a historically strong automotive industry, we, of course, also distribute products relevant to the industry: CAN Bus accessories.

We stock / supply the entire range of the very popular PiCan series by SK Pang Electronics, and the CANgineBerry by  Embedded Systems Academy.

This is an area which will be expanded further in the future, to support automotive embedded development in Germany and, beyond - in Europe. We're looking for feedback about your needs.

Google & Google AIY Partner

Google has appointed us as one of their global distribution partners for the exciting lineup, and for the AIY do-it-yourself series.

We are expecting a great impact of machine learning / artificial intelligence on the business of the future ("Industry 4.0 / IoT / ...").

Being a partner of Google in this area, we will be focusing on advising you about where you can use machine learning to your advantage, to accelerate your business growth and improve processes.

Reseller of Compute Blade by Uptime Industries

We have proudly joined forces with Uptime Industries, marking a significant milestone in our journey as a leading provider of cutting-edge computing solutions. This collaboration positions us as a premier reseller of Compute Blade products. This innovative enterprise-level computing platform makes setting up your arm blade server nodes a breeze.

The Compute Blade lineup is ideal for scalability and reliability and loaded with features and accessoires.

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