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the team

Our small, growing team is a mixture of different personalities. Together we move pi3g forward.







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Duc Hieu Nguyen

Online store / Technical support

the beginning

Back in 2012 the story of Maximilian and the Raspberry Pi started. He was excited when he got his first Pi and also saw the great potential for further development in it.
Then PiCockpit was born to make using and managing the Pi easier and more accessible for everyone.
Maximilian has always been interested in computers and believed that they are a lever to improve everything in the world - for example in medicine.
Over the years, Maximilian's work has grown and new fields of expertise have emerged.
With pi3g, we want to offer our customers deep technical knowledge and the best possible advice.


the mission

Pi3g makes life easier.

Computers today are complex machines that require well-matched components.

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful microcomputer, but it also requires the right components (power supply, microSD card) - otherwise unexpected problems may occur.
We provide you with well-coordinated Raspberry Pi solutions, and the right service to go with it.

We believe that the future lies in artificial intelligence and offer you individual solutions according to your requirements.

Our goal is to provide you with a well-fitted and friendly consulting service, in order to offer you the most suitable solution.

Your satisfaction is our focus.