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Avahi how to assign several .local names to same IP

In some situations you would like to access the same computer / IP using different .local names.This is possible using the Avahi daemon. The following is written for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver.Install Avahiapt install avahi-daemon avahi-utilsAvahi automatically adds your computer’s hostname to the .local Domain. For instance, my computer is called morpheus. Therefore it will [...]

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Creating a Raspbian repository

If you want to host your own Raspbian repository, this article is for you.A Raspbian repository consists of a special directory structure on a webserver. The files, including the packages, are all static – therefore this repository could also simply be hosted on an Amazon S3 instance, for example.The sources.list entry in Raspbian/etc/apt/sources.listdeb stretch [...]

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Cancel datafeedwatch subscription / Datafeedwatch kündigen

DataFeedWatch is a very useful tool for generating feeds from your online shop into a variety of targets (e.g. eBay MIP, Amazon Marketplace, Geizhals, other price comparison engines).However some time you may want to cancel your subscription. The link for it is quite hidden. Here’s the way to do it:click on Account (the gears), Plans.Scroll [...]

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OfficeTabLoader.Dll Initialization error 4

I’ve bought and installed OfficeTabLoader, as I work A LOT with office documents – don’t know why I didn’t come up with the idea to optimize this before! Anyways, right out of the box I get this Initialization error 4 from OfficeTabLoader.Dll.It turns out that my Antivirus Software (Bitdefender) is the problem:This works with heuristics [...]

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