VerneMQ: econnrefused & Webhook example


activate webhooks like this in your vernemq.conf.local (.local when running on docker, so that settings at bottom of the file will persist):

plugins.vmq_webhooks = on

vmq_webhooks.js_auth_on_register.hook = auth_on_register
vmq_webhooks.js_auth_on_register.endpoint = http://container_picockpit:1200/example/path

Note that if your webhook is not accessible (econnrefused), the db based authentication will also fail … !

If you get errors like the following:

jalpine_morpheus | 17:11:10.394 [error] calling endpoint failed due to econnrefused

jalpine_morpheus | 17:11:10.394 [warning] can’t authenticate client {“mountpoint”,<<“my_clientid”>>} from due to econnrefused

It could be due to you not accessing the webhook on the right port inside the other Docker container.