PiCockpit preview: Sensors


This is in the upcoming version of PiCockpit:


All these values are updated live (currently each second) using MQTT messages to PiCockpit.

The value for Root partition total available is static, as it is the total size of the root partition.

Some values are rendered in a prettier (but less precise) view in the overview:


To access this view, you need to click on the “heartbeat” icon.

Tip: if you Ctrl+Click on the icon, all pi’s in the overview will be shifted into this view.


These features are not online just yet – I am working on a local copy while developing!

I’m going to package this version up for release in the upcoming days. I’m shipping this feature set as a preview to the community.

The “Add Sensor” button does not do anything currently (therefore there is a “beta login” block after it).

I expect to be able to implement more fine-grained sensor management, and additional non-core sensors by the end of this year Smile