picockpit.com new version v.0.11.0 is live!

This new version of picockpit.com supports live streaming of MQTT measurement data from your Pi to your webinterface (desktop or mobile).


By clicking on the info icon, you can see the public and private IPs, the serial number and the Pi model:


The online state of the Pi is displayed with the online badge.

Currently there seems to be an issue with the MQTT connection from PAHO intermittedly dropping in the webclient, with the server. This has to be investigated further.

The client will reconnect automatically after 10 sec.

Also, there are more sensor values which are available, if you click on the Pi’s name:



In order to access these features (for up to 5 pis free of charge!) you will need to install the picockpit-client on your Raspberry Pi.

At the moment I have not packaged and tested the current development state, yet. (0.15.2) – the client which is currently in the repository will NOT work.

The new release of the picockpit-client probably will happen before September – then I invite everyone for early alpha testing of the new features, and giving me feedback about stability, development, etc.

Watch out this space for more announcements and great features!