TEK-Berry RAL light grey color comparison to official Pi Zero W case

The official Pi Zero W case is white, whereas the default TEK-BERRY sold as white is in reality RAL light-grey – a bit darker than white.

Here’s two pictures. When placed side by side you can see the difference, otherwise it is hard to tell that the case is not indeed 100 % white:

The cases are placed on a white sheet of paper, and a photo was taken with professional photo equipment. I have refrained from “polishing” the picture in photoshop, but instead tried to bring out a contrast ratio where you would see the difference as naturally as possible – hence the background is not pure white as I would normally adjust it to.



You can order these TEK-Berry cases through us, as a German Raspberry Pi distributor. We also provide (as pictured) the possibility of imprinting these cases with your logo – full color, high quality digital print.