Raspberry Pi single board computer market share of total PC market in 2020

For a report I’m preparing for a bank, today I’ve calculated the market share of the Raspberry Pi single board computers (all models) in the worldwide PC market in 2020.

Here it is: 2,69 % (at 7.4 Million shipped Raspberry Pi units in 2020)

Here is how I came up with this figure:

Calculated the amount of Raspberry Pis sold by comparing the “year total sold” in the 2019 and 2020 Raspberry Pi Foundation reports:

Which yields 7.4 Million Raspberry Pi computers sold in 2020.

This Statista page shows numbers for the global market share held by PC vendors in 2006-2020.

Lenovo has a 24.9 % market share worldwide, at 68.510.000 shipped units in 2020.

The rest is basic maths:


The number of 2.69 % is confirmed by an interview with Eben Upton here, which claims a 2.5 % market share. Eben is just being humble Smile