PiDoctor, a free online tool to check Raspberry Pi computers

PiDoctor is a free online tool to check Raspberry Pi computers and display the information in an clear way to users. PiDoctor is part of, a growing collection of tools to support Raspberry Pi single board computer users.


Leipzig, January 10, 2019 – pi3g e.K., an approved Reseller of Raspberry Pi computers for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, introduces PiDoctor OS and the PiDoctor platform on

PiDoctor OS is a small operating system designed to test Raspberry Pi’s and collect information about them, such as the MAC addresses. It is supported on all currently available Raspberry Pi Models, including the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Raspberry Pi 3B+. PiDoctor OS provides a defined testing platform, allowing users to quickly verify that their Raspberry Pi is operating correctly.

PiDoctor OS can be simply installed to an SD card by extracting the .zip or .tar.gz archive available on

After booting the PiDoctor OS information about the Raspberry Pi is collected and saved to a .txt file on the SD card. The user can upload the .txt file to PiCockpit to view the information in a structured way. Important information allowing to diagnose potential problems with the Raspberry Pi, such as the OTP bits, the serial number, the kernel log (dmesg), information about the CPUs is presented to the user.

Additionally information about WLAN and LAN connectivity can be accessed, allowing the user to verify that their Raspberry Pi single board computer is able to see their networks.

Information about the monitor which was attached during the test can help the user to properly set the resolution of the monitor.

The tool is free to use and does not require registration for basic functions.

About pi3g e.K.:

pi3g e.K. is focused on the Raspberry Pi market since 2012.

Next to operating an online shop which offers a broad selection of Raspberry Pi hardware, Pimoroni and Adafruit hardware, pre-imaged SD cards and other accessories, pi3g e.K. offers consulting, business, software and hardware development services for the Raspberry Pi platform.

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