Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Update for pi3g Raspberry Pi Customers

Due to the increased impact of the Coronavirus, we would like to give a statement as to the impact on our business, and the supply to our customers with Raspberry Pi products and other products we distribute.

Situation with Raspberry Pi Trading & Farnell

Our main suppliers are Farnell and Raspberry Pi Trading for Raspberry Pi accessories.

Both companies have announced home office work for their employees, as many other companies.

Both companies keep their warehouses fully staffed, and courier services (DHL Express, UPS, …) have not announced any changes so far.

Therefore, stock will continue to move.

So far there are no known or announced issues with the supply chain on Raspberry Pi products.

Situation (availability) with individual Raspberry Pi products & boards

Pi 4 / 4 GB is in good stock with Farnell, and we expect as a result to be able to ship significant volumes on short notice. (Please contact us for volume pricing on Pi 4 / 4 GB, starting from 150 units).

We constantly keep stock for Pi 4 / 4 GB, I have reordered more today.

Pi 4 / 2 GB is currently still in stock with us (although a very low quantity). There are lead times of 3 – 4 weeks for bigger quantities. Please inquire with us for Pi 4 / 2 GB, if you are interested.

(Please note: Pi 4 is currently only available for resale only to Industrial partners! We are not able to supply resellers – I will be happy to introduce you to Farnell if you are looking to resell the Pi 4).

Pi3 B+: we try to constantly keep some stock, at the moment the position and lead times are improving. We currently have stock of Pi 3B+.

Pi 3A+: we are in a good stock position, and able to obtain significant volumes on short notice from Raspberry PI.

Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH: long lead times ( 3 – 4 months), not related to Covid. We are currently out of stock on all Pi Zero (W / WH) products, and have backorders. Please let me know if you would like to place a back order for Pi Zero WH (starting with 150 units).

Accessories: we have a good stock position on most accessories, and should be able to supply bigger quantities on short notice. Please get in touch for volume orders of Raspberry Pi Accessories with me.

FLIRC cases: we are out of stock on the standard FLIRC case, but are expecting a shipment of 50 FLIRC / KODI cases soon. If you need a bigger quantity of FLIRC cases, I will take preorders for that (100+).

Hopefully Corona can be addressed!

Generally, I hope that a solution for Corona will be found in due time (a vaccine or some virostatic medicine).

I am very grateful to all the people in the field who continue to work and supply us, and keep the economic engine running (DHL, UPS, the staff at the warehouses).

I am sorry for all the people who have felt a negative impact by Corona, be it economic, or worse – health-wise; I hope that people will be able to recover and get on with normal lives, and that the gloomy predictions will not come true.

In case of questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

– Maximilian Batz, CEO pi3g e.K.