Google Coral USB Accelerator & AIY Voice / Vision Kit Distribution in Europe

Today, I am happy to announce that we, pi3g e.K., are partnering with Google as a distributor for exciting Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning products!

As of immediately, we are distributing the Coral USB Accelerator, the AIY Voice and Vision Kit. Further products from the Google Coral lineup may be added down the line.

In case you are interested in stocking these products, please contact us for competitive pricing.

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About the products

Google is quietly starting an AI revolution. We invite you – as a maker, an entrepreneur, a developer and visionary to be part of it!

AIY Voice & Vision Kits



The AIY Voice and AIY Vision Kits (AIY = Artificial Intelligence do it Yourself) are a good introduction to the topic for makers, and hobbyists.

The kits include everything you need to get started with voice / audio recognition or visual recognition, respectively.

Google gives detailed assembly instructions and some sample projects:

The sample projects will help you to get started quickly and get project ideas.

You can have the AIY Vision Kit recognize over 2000 types of food, detect humans / dogs / cats, or detect a joy score for a face.

Google provides a convenient Python API to interact with the hardware, and realize your own projects!

Coral USB accelerator


The Coral USB accelerator is a revolutionary device. It includes the Google Edge TPU chip, in order to accelerate artificial neural networks.

The artificial neural networks (ANNs) are the key technology behind artificial intelligence / machine learning.

Since this technology includes a lot of specialized computations, your CPU will be much slower than a specialized chip.

Using the Coral USB accelerator will allow you to speed up your machine learning applications (inferencing).

All this while keeping your data locally on your own edge nodes and decreasing latency, and without having to pay cloud fees for every transaction!

Google provides some interesting examples for the Coral USB accelerator, to get you started:

  • Minigo – an implementation of AlphaGo Zero, which learns to play the board game go at expert levels
  • Pose Estimation – detect the position of human figures – where someone’s elbow, shoulder or foot show up in the image
  • Object detection

How can the Coral USB accelerator help you in your business?

Across the industries, many applications for vision and voice detection are possible.

The Coral USB accelerator is your flexible gateway to using real-world data and sensors and interface them with your computer and business systems.

Patterns can be recognized, and actions taken in an automated, safe fashion.

AI is here, supporting the next industrial revolution.

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