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Google Coral AI & Google AIY:

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence made accessible


Coral by Google Product Lineup

USB products with Coral TPU

SBC products with Coral TPU and accessories

Mini PCIe & M.2 products with Coral TPU

Dev Board Micro and accessories

components for your own designs including Coral TPU

Partner Products with Coral Intelligence

Google AIY Product Lineup


Missing a Coral AI / ML product?

We're continuing to expand our Coral lineup, as Google continues to release new products. If you would like to purchase products we haven't listed yet, please let us know.

We say thank you to:

  • The commercial team at the Google division in the USA
  • Raspberry Pi Trading
  • Our resellers & consulting partners

Additional Legal Information

The products offered by Google are unrelated to the products offered under the CORAL trademarks owned by Orient Development Enterprises Ltd. in Taiwan.