Coral Mini PCIe Accelerator

Integrate the Edge TPU into legacy and new systems using a Mini PCIe interface

The Coral Mini PCIe Accelerator is a half-size Mini PCIe module that brings the Edge TPU coprocessor to existing systems and products with an available Mini PCIe slot.

The on-board Edge TPU coprocessor is capable of performing 4 trillion operations (tera-operations) per second (TOPS), using 0.5 watts for each TOPS (2 TOPS per watt). For example, it can execute state-of-the-art mobile vision models such as MobileNet v2 at 400 FPS, in a power efficient manner.

Integrates with any Debian-based Linux or Windows 10 system with a compatible card module slot.

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Tech Specs

ML accelerator: Google Edge TPU coprocessor: 4 TOPS total peak performance (int8); 2 TOPS per watt

Connector and Software support: Standard Half-size Mini PCIe; Supports Linux, and Windows 10 on the host system; Requires 64-bit Operating Systems.

Dimensions: 30.00 mm x 26.80 x 2.55  mm

Important Hints: Please refer to the datasheet for peak current requirements (up to 3 A for the Edge TPU), as well as thermal management. The Edge TPU contains a built-in temperature sensor and allows you to configure parameters when it should shut down. Warning: Overheating of the system can lead to fire or destruction of hardware!

Datasheet & Benchmarks

Google part numbers:

  • G950-04528-01
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