This 5 megapixel camera module is compatible with Coral Development Boards (Dev Board Mini, Dev Board 4 GB)

Important Update April 2023: the camera module is EOL and will not be continued to manufacture. We advise customers to use USB camera devices instead. Contact us for any questions you have for your existing projects.

The camera connects via the MIPI-CSI interface and allows you to easily add visual input to your machine learning models.

This camera has an autofocus feature (AFC) with a built-in AFC VCM driver. Autofocus can also be optionally disabled via software configuration.

While the Coral Dev Boards allow the connection of only one camera module, the Coral SoM provides the possibility to connect up to two camera modules (depending on your carrier board hardware design).

Important hint: this camera is not compatible with Raspberry Pi boards as it has a different connector!

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Tech Specs

Coral Camera: the camera attaches to the Coral Dev Board or Dev Board Mini with a 24-pin flexible flat cable (FFC)

Sensor: Omnivision OV5645 SoC, 5 megapixel

Focus: autofocus, focal length 2.5 mm, range 10 cm - infinity

Field of view: 84.0 degrees / 87.6 degrees

ISP functions: automatic exposure control (AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic band filter (ABF), automatic 50/60Hz lumination, automatic blacklevel calibration (ABLC)

Connections: MIPI-CSI, dual-lane MIPI interface (25-pin flex cable) - 150 mm connection cable included

Dimensions: 25 mm x 25 mm x 6.98 mm

Weight: 3 g (3.6 g with cable)

Four mounting holes: 2.4 mm diameter

Supported autofocus modes

  • Autofocus turned off
  • One-shot autofocus: the camera focuses once and then locks the focus
  • Continuous autofocus: the camera analyzes the image continuously and adjusts the focus continuously

Software support

Mendel Linux is a Debian-based software distribution specially developed by Google for the Coral Boards.

Mendel Linux includes a Python program called snapshot that can take pictures using the Coral Camera. This program can be used interactively - a photo is taken each time you press the spacebar, and saved in the current directory.

Please see the datasheet for more information about snapshot


Google part number:

  • G840-00180-01

Google Model:

  • CA1
NB: ISP = Image Sensor Processor
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Additional Legal Information

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