pi3g e.K. welcomes you!

We are a Raspberry Pi approved reseller, and one of only two Pi Zero W distributors in Germany. With our strong technical background we are a solid choice as your partner for anything Raspberry Pi related in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Starting in 2020 we have also become one of Google's select worldwide partners for distribution of their Coral.AI lineup. We believe artificial intelligence / machine learning is the way forward in the future.

Get in touch with us today, to see how your business can benefit from single board computing and embedded machine learning - go beyond and way ahead of your competition.

pi3g products

pi3g develops and markets hardware and software products. The products are mostly focused around the Raspberry Pi platform.

  • LetsTrust is a TPM module for Raspberry Pi
  • PCCB (Pi Control Carrier Board) is an industrial compute module carrier board
  • the Anonymebox is a network privacy solution based on the Tor network
  • picockpit.com is a web plattform to enable you to use your Raspberry Pi even easier

Value Added Distribution

We support you with products for Raspberry Pi & Google Coral.ai based projects.

Whether you are a university / school enabling tomorrow's engineers with knowledge, or an entrepreneur creating the next industrial revolution - talk to us, we can support you effectively!

Our aim is to support you with deep technical knowledge and honestly help you to assess whether the Pi and Coral.ai ( TensorFlow ) are beneficial for your application.

We believe embedded machine learning to be the next big thing - talk to us today to get a competitive edge in this innovative area.

buyzero.de (Online Shop)

Our onlineshop buyzero.de offers you an extensive lineup of Maker products & products for embedded development.

The Raspberry Pi (including the popular Pi 4!) and our Google Coral.ai and AIY lineup are in the center of our product range.

We carry the entire choice of Raspberry Pi Trading products, and many popular brands (Pimoroni, Adafruit, SK Pang Electronics and many more)

In our blog you can expect blog posts about technology and business topics, of course about the Raspberry Pi, but also a wide variety of topics related to Industrie 4.0, IoT, and machine learning - for example about the popular MQTT protocol, Python and Linux embedded development, and much more. Blog entries are not scheduled and not in particular order - the topics are an eclectic mix of what comes up in real life of a company engaged in machine learning & Raspberry Pi embedded adventures.

My (Max') attitude is to post about topics which take up significant time for research and experimentation, and which are not well-documented elsewhere. And of course, also some rather emotional topics about how to do business properly.

If you resonate with what I write, my advice is for hire in the form of consulting. I love to rant about bad user interface and business design, and brainstorm workable solutions with you. Possibly the best money you will ever spend.

Raspbian SSH Server fails after upgrade from Stretch to Buster (no SSH connection)

Von Maximilian Batz | 2020-07-31

I used this excellent guide to update my Raspbian from Stretch to Buster:https://pimylifeup.com/upgrade-raspbian-stretch-to-raspbian-buster/After rebooting my Pi, the SSH connection was gone. Logging into the Pi using the attached keyboard and monitor allowed me to debug the issue:service ssh statusjournalctl -u ssh -n 200„Missing privilege separation directory /run/sshd“This directory needs to be created at startup for […]

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How to set unique object ids in embedded documents across a MongoDB collection

Von Maximilian Batz | 2020-07-24

MongoDB’s updateMany can be used to update all documents which are matched. Problem If, however, you want to set unique new ObjectIDs in your update, you would find that MongoDB sets the same ObjectID for every entry: db.getCollection(‚mypis_collectedpis‘).updateMany({}, {$set:      {apps: {         „com.picockpit/core“: {             meta: {                 version: „2.0“,                 name: „PiCockpit Core“,                 image: „“,                 description: „PiCockpit.com […]

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switching from JSON to MsgPack in a backwards compatible manner with Paho MQTT (JavaScript)

Von Maximilian Batz | 2020-07-21

picockpit.com makes heavy use of MQTT. For the upcoming version 2.0 I have decided to switch it to MsgPack. Why MsgPack? MsgPack (actually called MessagePack – packages tend to use MsgPack) is a binary format, aimed at compatibility with JSON, but decreasing file size (which is good for saving bandwidth & server resources). Another advantage: […]

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Stupid business mistakes #6 :: No clear call to action (button)

Von Maximilian Batz | 2020-07-03

A friend forwarded me an email, asking me (and other undisclosed recipients) to sign a petition to continue German support for Nepal. I decided to support her and her cause, spending a minute of my time on this. But this minute turned into this blogpost. And it has a valuable lesson for all of us: […]

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