Raspberry Pi CO2 Sensor breakout board

long-term calibrated. fresh air controlled by you.

Our Raspberry Pi CO2 Sensor Breakout-board allows precise measurement of instantaneous CO2 concentration in ambient air, as well as temperature and barometric pressure.

The sensor is highly stable over time and factory calibrated. Unlike many other products, the sensor does not need to be recalibrated daily with fresh air! This simplifies the installation & maintenance of this CO2 sensor board.
The CO2 measurement is based on the NDIR dual-beam method, which compensates for aging effects with its auto-calibration, is very insensitive to contamination and offers excellent long-term stability. The factory calibration ensures highly accurate CO2 measurements over the entire application range. The CO2 measurement is temperature and pressure compensated.

EAN / Barcode: 0608603905359

one product, two components

CO2 sensor

• low power consumption (< 3 mA average current consumption at 3.3V and 15 s measuring interval, sensor only)

• CO2 measuring principle: NDIR dual beam method (non-dispersive infrared technology)

• sensor measurement range:

CO2:  0...5000 ppm

pressure: 700...1100 mbar

temperature: -40...60°C

• operating parameters: 0...95 % rH (non-condensing), -40...60°C, 700...1100 mbar

• recommended calibration interval: 5 years, under normal building automation operating conditions

our I2C breakout board

• directly pluggable on Raspberry Pi boards (1B - 4B, Zero series) - thanks to its own header

• Breakout pins compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico - can be plugged directly into the breadboard side by side; zero-solder technology -> can be mounted directly without soldering

• 2 x Grove compatible connectors (I2C / 3.3V): connect additional sensors, displays, etc. to your Raspberry Pi or Pico via the breakout board

• 3.3 V data level (compatible with Raspberry Pi)

• 3.3 V supply voltage

• I2C interface

additional features

low-power mode can be activated
(pull EN pin to GND)
CO2 sensor module is thermally decoupled to a large extent
(-> higher temperature measuring accuracy!)

two mounting holes


Raspberry Pi boards (1B - 4B, Zero series)

Raspberry Pi Pico (with breadboard)

Arduino 3.3 V via Grove connector

other boards supporting Grove connector

use case


your helper to stay fresh air supplied

With this sensor, you can easily determine when ventilation of the room is recommended to ensure that the well-being and concentration of your employees / students is increased with fresh air.


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