BME688 breakout board Bosch air quality sensor

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With our BME688 breakout board you can easily measure the air quality, air temperature, air pressure, air humidity and VOC gas resistance. The BME688 sensor is mounted on our easy-to-use I2C breakout board which is highly compatible with Raspberry Pi and is easy to plug in. Thanks to the innovative design, more precise ambient temperature measurement is possible as the BME688 sits as far away from the Raspberry Pi as possible.
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BME688 air quality sensor

• low power consumption (3.9 mA in standard gas scan mode, value for BME688 sensor chip)

• measuring various parameters of the ambient air:

air quality: IAQ - indoor air quality index, calculated by Bosch software (BSEC library)

air temperature: -40...85°C

air pressure: 300...1100hPa

air humidity: 0...100%

VOC values in the air (volatile organic compounds)

• trainable to detect different gas mixtures and their presence (e.g. coffee) with Bosch's AI Studio

our I2C breakout board

• directly pluggable on Raspberry Pi boards (1B - 4B, Zero series) - thanks to its own header

• unpopulated header, pinout is Pico-compatible: zero-solder technology -> can be mounted directly without soldering

• 2 x Grove compatible connectors (I2C / 3.3V): connect additional sensors, displays, etc. to your Raspberry Pi or Pico via the breakout board

• 3.3 V data level (compatible with Raspberry Pi)

• 3.3 V supply voltage

• I2C interface

• adress of the BME688 adjustable via J1 and GPIO pin (ADDR)




Raspberry Pi boards (1B - 4B, Zero series)

Raspberry Pi Pico (with breadboard)

Arduino 3.3 V via Grove connector

other boards supporting Grove connector

use cases

knowing when to ventilate in Covid-19 times

The index of air quality (IAQ) is determined by the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Through the measurement of the major representative gases we exhale, a color index indicates how good the air quality is. Therefore it is easy to find out when it is time to ventilate. This is especially important at Covid-19 times. Exhaled breath increases the risk of infection with Covid-19 due to the virus-containing aerosols. Frequent ventilation may reduce the risk of infection. The color index makes this especially easy.

your digital nose

By using machine learning algorithms the BME688 is able to measure and recognize the unique fingerprint of different gas mixtures. For example, different varieties of coffee can be identified.


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