AIY Vision Kit

Experiment with image recognition using neural networks

Do-it-yourself intelligent camera

Experiment with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by building your own standalone object and image recognition system.

The AIY Vision Kit includes everything you need (apart from the power supply) - including a Pi Zero WH and the necessary software.

In true DIY, that is AIY, fashion, you will build the enclosure from the cardboard which is provided with the kit.

Google provides a Python API to code the inferencing ("recognition") of the images, and control the AIY Vision Bonnet which has some useful additional interfaces for your projects (PWM, etc.)

This is a good gift for people interested in Do It Yourself projects, and curious about machine learning.

Also of interest as a school or university project.
Contact us for educational discounts & advice.

Tech Specs

Package contents (AIY Vision Kit v1.1)

  • Vision bonnet
  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • Raspberry Pi Camera v2
  • Long flex cable
  • Push button
  • Button harness
  • Micro USB cable
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Privacy LED
  • Short flex cable
  • Button nut
  • Tripod nut
  • LED bezel
  • Standoffs
  • MicroSD card
  • Camera box cardboard
  • Internal frame cardboard

Please note: the 2,5 A (recommended) power supply is not included - please be sure to pick one up when you order this Vision kit from one of our resellers.

Time required to build: 1.5 hours
Ages: 14+

TensorFlow models: MobileNetV1 / MobileNetV1 + SSD / SqueezeNet supported within certain constraints

Google part number: G950-00866-01

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