Fullstack Javascript Leipzig developer job (m/w/d)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in working for us.

On this page we will share everything about the open position as a JavaScript developer, and our company, pi3g. This way, hopefully you can decide right away whether the position is for you or not.  In case you still have questions, please just reach out to us and ask away!

Is this for you? Great! We're looking forward to your application.

- Max, CEO

P.S. It's your knowledge and experience that matters most to us - not your formal degrees.

Who are we (pi3g)?

We're a small company, based in Leipzig, specialized on all things Raspberry Pi + AI hardware (e.g. Coral from Google).

We distribute and resell Raspberry Pi hardware and support industrial customers with our own hardware design, consulting & software development support.

We're an approved Raspberry Pi Reseller, and as such get to work closely with Raspberry Pi, the company behind the Raspberry Pi board. We also work directly with Google for their Coral AI accelerator lineup.

Our most important project, however, is PiCockpit. It aims to bring the power of the Raspberry Pi computer to many more people with an easy to use webinterface.

Max founder of pi3g holding a Raspberry Pi

Who are we looking for (you)?

Do you feel that coding is more than "just a job"? Do you really love to solve problems in code, and continue to push yourself and your knowledge level?

Are you looking for a position in which you can contribute to an exciting software solution for the Raspberry Pi platform?

We're looking for an experienced JavaScript fullstack developer with knowledge in node.js, and ideally vue.js as well.

Have a look at the technologies we are using in the project. Do you feel excited by the idea of bringing your solid knowledge in these areas and implementing solutions which really help users? Do you want to learn more about these technologies?

Don't worry: You'll be able to learn many of these technologies on the job, we are initially looking for a solid foundation in JavaScript, node.js and ideally Vue or a similar progressive web framework (e.g. React.JS / Angular).


What do we offer you? 

  • a permanent employment contract
  • a secure full time position in an area with strong growth
  • introduction to your activities and training
  • the opportunity to dive deep into the popular Raspberry Pi platform
  • Growth & promotion opportunities
  • a fantastic team (with good chemistry), kind and supportive colleagues
  • flexible office hours - work from home, or come into the office. Work at the time you want.
  • trust and responsibility - you will have a lot of freedom in your work

Your Salary:

55.000 - 60.000 € / year

This is a fulltime position, 40 hours per week
It can be reduced to 35 hours to accomodate your lifestyle.

Here's what Stephie, who works in support and shipping, has to say about the benefits of working for us:

+ flat hierarchy
+ you are allowed to bring in your own ideas to optimize the process
+ dealing with each other on equal footing
+ very nice colleagues
+ flexible end of working hours (you are also allowed to leave an hour earlier for a doctor's appointment or similar)
+ independent work

Here's what Hieu, who works as an IT student trainee, has to say about the benefits of working for us:

+ flat hierarchy
+ flexible working hours
+ trust in independent work
+ team is on a first-name basis


Here's what Nathan, who works in technical marketing, has to say about the benefits of working for us:

+ flat hierarchy
+ flexible working hours
+ flexible working location
+ friendly working atmosphere
+ independent work
+ honest communication
+ creative freedom

Your tasks with us are

With us, you will be working on picockpit.com - a comfortable solution to remotely monitor and control Raspberry Pis. This way you can contribute to the comfort of Raspberry Pi users worldwide.

Your work will allow them to simply use the Pi in an intuitive way to achieve their goals, and will save them lots of frustration. It will also empower users who are not very technical!

Your tasks will include:

  • development of the picockpit.com frontend (in Vue.js + Vuetify)
  • development of the picockpit-client software client which runs on the Raspberry Pis (in node.js)
  • creating additional 'apps' for users (PiCockpit apps)
  • integration of additional communication channels (e.g. WebRTC), to allow development of advanced apps
  • testing the solution

Additionally, if we have any active customer projects, you will be entrusted a wide variety of interesting work, developing user interfaces and backend code.

Your strengths

Must haves

1) Solid experience with JavaScript, especially with node.js in the backend. ( 3+ years)

2) Experience with JavaScript frontend development, ideally in vue.js (2+ years)

3) Independent and self-reliant way of working

4) Quick grasp and willingness to deal with new technologies (e.g. MQTT)

5) Excellent written and spoken command of English

Optional skills

1) Ideally you have good Linux knowledge (Debian / Raspberry Pi OS) - since our target platform is the Raspberry Pi

2) Good German language skills

3) UI / UX skills - we welcome your participation in the UI & UX design

Furthermore, you are welcome to post solutions to problems and reports on your development progress in our company blog. This is not a requirement - just an option, if you like to share your knowledge with fellow developers.

Office location & working times

Work location:

Leipzig-Lausen, within walking distance of the Tram 1 terminus.

You can work part of the time from your home office - we are flexible in this regard.

Working hours:

Full-time: up to 8 hours per day, 40 hours a week
→ Working hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to approx. 16:30 / 17:00
→ flexible & adaptable to a later start into the working day

The working hours can be reduced to 35 hours a week if you want more time off.

We are very flexible about your personal appointments, you can take unpaid time off for them on short notice.


I am a career changer, do I need to have proof of formal education in JavaScript?

No, for us only your actual coding experience and skills matter. 

We see some candidates with a formal education who aren't producing good code, don't know how to debug, etc.

We will take a person who is very productive and produces good code over someone who has an "official degree" every time.

I am a headhunter, and have some great people in my lineup. May I contact you about them?

Please don't. We are looking to connect with developers directly, and are not interested in having the developer or us pay part of the salary to you.

Also, a developer who is willing to leave a position quickly for a higher salary elsewhere is not who we are looking for - we are looking for loyal people who are enthusiastic about the work we're doing.

Of course, in case you as a developer are dissatisfied with the current job, we would love to hear from you, maybe we're a better fit.

How does the application process work?

Our application process runs in several steps:

  1. You fill in the application form on this page.
  2. We contact you and arrange a telephone interview with you (if your application has convinced us - we give feedback in any case).
  3. We will arrange a trial working day with you (if you have convinced us in the telephone interview).
  4. If the trial working day is right for you and us, we will hire you 🙂

We will try to contact you as soon as possible after the application - your application will be sent directly to the boss's e-mail box.

The phone interview will last for about an hour. In it, we want to get a feel for how you would act in different situations, what is important to you, and if it is a good fit in general.

The trial work day is very important so that you can get to know the work and the colleagues directly and see if you enjoy it. At the same time, we can check how well you fit into the team, whether the "chemistry" is right. And of course how adaptive you are (quick comprehension is very important to us!).

Can I start later or work on the week-ends?

Yes, we are very flexible time-wise. You will be able to start at a time which works for you - what matters to us is that you are productive and that the agreed hours are put into the project.

You can also work on the weekends, having more free time during the week. This might be beneficial if your partner, for example, is working on the weekends as well.

Please note that we will not pay extra for work on the weekends, it is paid at the regular rates.

Can I work overtime?

Sometimes, if a project is urgent and deadlines loom, we might ask you to work overtime - on a voluntary base and for a limited time.

Since PiCockpit is a very big project, it is a marathon, not a sprint. From my experience, productivity decreases as more hours are put in.

That being said, if your productivity is consistently high with overtime, you can work more hours than 40 per week.

However, please note that we have a policy of not paying any special bonuses for overtime - you will continue to get paid at the same hourly rates as for the regular work.

Is there a dress code at the company?

No, you can dress in any way you like as long as you feel comfortable in your clothes, writing code and being around colleagues.

Is the trial work day paid?

Of course it is. You will be paid at the hourly rate of the full job later on. Independent of whether we decide to hire you or not after the trial day.

Your induction is also paid for, of course.

Why do you require excellent English skills?

A developer needs to read a lot of documentation in English, and communicate with the developer community in English.

Furthermore, if you don't have German (or Russian) as a native language, communication with the boss will be in English.

This is why this job has excellent English skills as a fundamental requirement. We have to reject applicants with poor English skills.

Can I work from the home office?

Yes, you can work from the home office.

We require oode productivity and the project moving forward first and foremost.

Not everyone is capable of working from the home office, as it requires self-discipline. We will look to hire candidats who bring this self-discipline to the table, so we will be able to be very flexible about the home office.

Can I work remotely (from a different city)?

Sadly, no. In my experience as a manager that does not work well for my management style.

Therefore we cannot offer a fully remote job at the moment.

We are very flexible about you working from your home office, and commuting to the office only once or twice a week, for example.

Finally, we prefer candidates to apply with us who do not need to relocate, so we can get started with the work right away.

What is the salary?

We offer 45.000 € - 50.000 € gross (brutto) for this position.

You will track your work hours, if you work overtime you will earn more money (based on the default hourly rate). If you work less, you will earn less money.

We're very fair about this, and work on a trust base. There are no time stamp clocks here.

Will you offer relocation support / work VISAs?

No, unfortunately at this time and size of the company, we will not be able to assist you with this.

We are primarily looking to hire local developers already living in Leipzig or close to Leipzig.

What are the company's values?

PiCockpit, buyzero.de and pi3g e.K. stand for:

  • good quality at reasonable (but not "cheapest") prices
  • fairness and goodwill in dealing with customers and employees
  • good technical knowledge, and competent advice
  • environmentally friendly actions (e.g. we use packing paper instead of padding, and recycle packing materials from other companies)
  • Acting with the customer in mind (what would I like to have as a customer myself?)
  • Service

PiCockpit, for example, is set up as a freemium business model - and is completely free for all customers currently.

We look to bring exciting new technologies to the world and improve it, infuse "user friendly" into Raspberry Pi as much as possible.

What kind of growth opportunities do you offer?

Good people want to develop themselves, and we support them in this process.

As a step up from this position, you could grow into project lead / senior developer, and later to software solution architect.

Of course, growing your skills and performance will be compensated accordingly.

What is the company culture like? What can I expect from colleagues?

We stick together and support each other.

Whether that's helping with debugging or understanding difficult personal situations.

Sometimes you don't know what life will bring. That's why flexibility is important.

I, as the manager, am flexible if you have to leave early. I'm flexible if you have to work from home sometimes because of certain appointments.

We are very selective about which colleagues to hire, to ensure an excellent team chemistry. 

The colleagues which are present during your trial day all chime in with feedback about the vibe they felt with you, and this is a big part of the decision whether to hire you.

Does the job have disadvantages?

Office conditions:

Our office is located in a cellar, and is cramped. The floor is clay soil sprinkled with lime - when you work in the office you should wear clothes and shoes which are allowed to get dirty.

This is temporary, and being worked on, while new space in the house next to us is being renovated.

The toilets are unheated (cold in winter), and have only cold water, currently. This is also being worked on - we hopefully should have warm water later this year.

Code - wise:

  • There is legacy backend code written in Crystal Lang, which is a rather exotic choice. We are currently working on reducing the backend code (moving functionality into the frontend), and you will be given ample time to learn Crystal Lang if that will be required.
  • We are also currently migrating the legacy picockpit-client code written in Python to JavaScript / node.js - so you might have some additional clean-up work on your hands when you join.
  • You might be pulled into client projects on relatively short notice from time to time (which might not be a disadvantage if you like variety)

How much days off (legal holidays) does pi3g offer?

For this position, we offer 30 days of paid leave (based on a five-day workweek).

Life is not just about work: We know that focused, hard mental work needs to be balanced with down-time and enjoyment.

You are free to take additional unpaid free days as you require them.

Can I work less hours?

For this position, we are happy to reduce your hours to 35 hours a week. The salary will be adjusted to the reduced hours, of course.

What is the earliest time I could join you?

The position is available immediately. 

My question is not answered here yet ...

Excellent! Questions get you ahead in life 🙂

Ask us your question - we want you to know exactly what you get with us before you apply.